1916 Art: Heroes of the Revolution


If you are Irish, or have Irish connections, these limited edition 1916 art pieces inspired by a pivotal period in Irish history, the Easter Rising of 1916, will have a special meaning.

The Heroes of the Revolution series came about because Jarlath Daly, always passionate about the history of Ireland, wanted to record and remember the men and women who were integral to the founding of the Irish state.

APRIL 1916

On Easter Monday, 24th April, 1916, an event took place in Dublin which pre-empted the founding of an independent Irish state. That event was the Easter Rising. James Connolly and Patrick Pearse were the leaders of a tiny force consisting of no more than 1,000 men and women. The small group took over several buildings in Dublin and, despite the great odds against them, managed to hold out against the British forces for about a week.

The heroes of the revolution for me are poets, writers, leaders, philosophers, activists. I feel it is important that their images be passed on to future generations so that they are remembered every day and not just every 100 years. Each piece expresses the individual personality.Jarlath Daly

Although it would take some 32 years before it would become fact, a bill proclaiming an Irish Republic was signed by seven leaders of the Easter Rising and read out on Easter Monday in front of the rebel’s HQ, Dublin’s General Post Office. This is known as the Proclamation of Independence. All seven of the signatories were executed after the Rising along with eight leaders.



1916 ART

The artist will make just seven copies from the same mould of each hero along with two versions of a limited-edition proclamation of independence.

Heroes of the Revolution figures are bronze-on-bronze limited edition artist’s copies moulded in clay and cast using the cire perdue technique. To own one of these special pieces, please fill out the contact form below.

The Heroes of the Revolution

7 Signatories • Heroes of The Revolution

Eamonn Ceannt


7 Signatories • Heroes of The Revolution

Joseph Plunkett


7 Signatories • Heroes of The Revolution

Sean Mac Diarmada


7 Signatories • Heroes of The Revolution

Thomas Mac Donagh


Heroes of The Revolution • Proclamation

Irish Proclamation

The Proclamation of the Republic: this document, measuring 30 x …

7 Signatories • Heroes of The Revolution

Thomas J Clarke



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